You'll Need Directions

Ever wish you had a house like this - where you could escape from it all, and make it difficult for anyone to get to you who you didn't want around?

We all feel like this sometimes! In today's world it can be more difficult with the expanding reach of technology, though. So many people across the globe now are only a click, call, text, or email away, and instantly accessible. So how do you combat THAT when you just want a little seclusion?

One tried and true method is to walk away from the technology and escape to a good book. Shut off the TV, put down the device, and pick up a non-electronic book. Off grid can be a good thing sometimes.

Now the next question.... WHAT book do you pick up? Well if you want to have fun, and get something unique you just can't get with ANY other book, then pick up one of the Volumes of MeiroKodo! It's got mazes, a secret code, and a special encrypted message waiting for you, that just can't be found anywhere else.

#Fun #Mazes

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