We're All Interconnected

Although the designs for a labyrinth are typically the same, mazes are different every time. Why? Because of the multiple pathways involved in a maze. Labyrinths tend to have a singular winding path leading from the outside in towards the center. On the other hand, mazes have several branching passages you must choose between when trying to solve a maze.

A labyrinth's single pathway represents one's journey inward, to find themselves. A maze's multiple pathways represent one's journey from their starting point, outward and onward - with all the multiple choices to make in between.

No matter which type of these puzzles we go through, one thing is common between them both - the path you take is always yours alone to take. And this is much like life, the irony here is that with this solitary approach we have to take in life, we're actually all in this together.

Everyone is walking their own path, just like you. So although you may feel like what you're going through at any given time is something that only you're enduring, the truth is everyone is going through something they have to endure on their path as well. And in that respect, you are never alone, and there is always someone who appreciates you AND your journey, even if you don't actually see that in front of you at the moment.

But not all journeys we take are difficult! Life is full of amazing and awesome surprises.

The Mazes of MeiroKodo are all about what you get at the end of the journey in each Volume. If you're ready to have some fun and discover something wonderful, then check it out at:



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