Brain Games

Did you know that games that involve mazes are the most common types of puzzles that we, as a species, have been pursuing since our most earliest origins? And not until just recently in the 20th century have word games and different variations of them starting appearing for entertainment purposes (think of crosswords and cryptograms). But these too, have astounding benefits for the brain.

No doubt we know that solving puzzles is great for developing your mental cognition, but what's one of the best ways solving mazes and word puzzles can help you?

Working these types of puzzles reinforces the existing connections between our brain cells and boosts the generation of new relationships, both of which greatly enhance our mental speed and thought process. Improved memory, accelerated ingenuity, achieving a meditative state for relaxing, and the increased production of dopamine (the feel-good, mood-heightening chemical released by the neurons in our brain), are just some of these benefits.

So where can you get a book of really great and challenging mazes, with a encrypted word puzzle to solve, that all comes together to deliver a message of word art that you just can't get anywhere else?

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