The Apple Of Your Eye

Mazes and labyrinths have been around since the dawn of man. From our early beginnings until now, we've always held a kind of fascination and wonder about both of these types of puzzles for not only their artistic beauty, but their benefits as well.

Did you know solving mazes especially is really beneficial for your brain? The benefits are numerous, and we're just starting to understand the implications of what these puzzles can do for us, besides just being fun!

In appreciation for the art and beauty of these puzzles, pictured here is a labyrinth (there are also 2 maze puzzles on each side of the labyrinth) all made from a total of 5900 columnar apple trees on the JUKOR FARM just 20min outside of Zurich. How cool is this???

If you actually get lost, at least you can always stop and have a snack! =D

If you appreciate the challenge, art, and fun of solving a really great maze, but can't make it to Germany to check out the Jukor Farm, then check out MeiroKodo!

Not only will you get the benefit of what solving a challenging maze can do for you, but there's more with MeiroKodo too, which you just can't get anywhere else.

So what are you waiting for? Check it out!


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