It's All About The Lines

Much like everything else about us, our fingerprints are unique, although they all have similarities. There are common patterns in everyone's fingerprints regarding the types of loops and arches they have. But on a case by case basis, no two people in the world have an identical fingerprint - even identical twins have a different set of prints.

Think of it like's not just about the patterns of the lines, but the width between them, their thickness, how deep they run, and the size of the individual they belong to. There's a lot of different variables that go into making a determination of this kind.

Pretty cool, huh?

Know what else has a unique set of lines every single time?

The Mazes of MeiroKodo!

And not only are the puzzles unique in each volume, but so are the messages that are encrypted at the end of each book. Each volume of MeiroKodo is unique and special in its own way, every time, with a lot of different variables that go in to the making of each Volume.

Check it out! You can learn more at:

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