Optical Telegraphy

We've all heard about the telegraph and morse code, but have you ever heard of Chappe's Optical Telegraph?

The device consisted of a large beam mounted high with extending arms - much like a person standing with their arms held out. At the end of the arms were large levers that could be rotated in 45-degree angles - similar to a person standing that might be holding out flags that could be rotated around.

Different positions signified different letters, and hence, the optical telegraph was born!

These were invented in 1792 by Claude Chappe and his brothers from France, and they were successful in covering France with a network of these that allowed for quick relayed communications all across the country. Think of this as the first optical email of its kind!

Of course these are no longer used today, but they were extremely effective at the time.

Have you ever heard of the optical telegraph? Keep your eyes peeled! You'll be seeing more of these signals when the release of MeiroKodo's Volume 3 comes out in Spring this year!



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