Adidas And Art

Could there be any more appropriate pair of shoes to have if you are about to embark on your journey, be whatever that may? Not to mention these are the perfect shoes for exploring those corn mazes, hedge mazes, and your standard big city streets - which are like a maze all on their own.

The Adidas shoes here feature the brilliant mazework from the artist KELKIN.

Like what you see? You can visit Kelkin's website at:

...for more stunning examples of his work.

If you like maze puzzles that you can also solve by hand, then be sure to check out the book series MEIROKODO. With MeiroKodo you get the fun of solving mazes, decoding an encrypted, secret message, and more - that you just can't get anywhere else! Plus you can still wear your Adidas shoes!

Be sure to check it out here:


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