The Art Of The Labyrinth

Ever wonder how to really draw a labyrinth? They look easy enough to do, but once you get started it can be difficult to figure out where to attach what line to which other line so the path is symmetrical and consistent.

A really GREAT resource for labyrinths (and mazes too), is the website LABYRINTHOS. Owners Jeff and Kimberly Saward take a very scientific approach in the study of mazes and labyrinths, and their website has quite an extensive library of resources on the subject(s). They also offer consultation services, tour guide services, and are the publishers of the world's ONLY specialized journal regarding the history, development, and distribution of mazes and labyrinths. Their site even has videos on how to draw a labyrinth easily and quickly.

Mazes are multi-path puzzles, whereas labyrinths are typically single-path puzzles. Drawing a maze can be an endeavour that ranges anywhere from simple to extremely difficult - depending on how complicated the maze will be.

Each volume of MeiroKodo encompasses mazes ranging from easy to moderately difficult, and on average each one takes approximately 3 hours to complete.

Do you like labyrinths? Then head over to WWW.LABYRINTHOS.NET and check it out!

Do you like mazes? Then get your copy of MEIROKODO today! Not only will you get lost in the

winding ways of every maze, but you will get to decipher a secret coded message at the end once you've solved all the mazes and crack the code!

To learn more and get your copy, go to: WWW.MEIROKODO.COM

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