HOW AWESOME IS THIS??? If you haven't heard of KELKIN yet, then prepare yourself to be AMAZED!

This incredible artist is originally from Paris and is only 23 years old, but his work definitely speaks with a seasoned tone.

Kelkin says he's been focused on mazes for the last 3 years, and his interest in them started when his love of philosophy and his love of art came together.

In 2013 he started painting to try to express to the world his vision of life by using colours and forms. Kelkin wanted to be able to communicate a message that could be a philosophical question through his art. A question like, "What dream can I realize today?" or "What is the right path for me to take?" .... or maybe "Am I lost because I don't have control of everything in my life?" - - these were some of the things he wanted to make people think about when they would see his art.

One day he was randomly sketching a bunch of lines, just unintentionally letting his hand draw, and a friend of his pointed out he was making a maze. Kelkin says it was this event that actually inspired him to start researching mazes.

He discovered mazes are some of the very first symbols to be used by humanity, and he was touched by the impact they have always had on the human consciousness. And it was this that really started what we see Kelkin's artwork to be now.

One thing Kelkin also does is collect symbols from all over the world. He likes to include them in his works to express love, good energy, and positivity.

Keep your eyes open for these incredible works of his, because Kelkin is definitely making his mark with each piece he completes. Just check out this building!

Want to see more? Check out Kelkin's website:

And stay tuned here for future posts about this amazing artist!

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