Lending A Hand

From time to time we all need a hand with things.

Sometimes it can be hard deciding which path is the right one to take when we're faced with a choice to make.

The good thing is, help is always nearby - even if you're not aware of its presence right away.

This is true - even with MeiroKodo. The answers to all maze puzzles are provided in the back of each Volume just in case a little assistance is needed.

The answers to the messages at the end of each Volume are NOT provided though, but help is always close by.

For any questions, comments or concerns for MeiroKodo, please reach out to:


... or you can send a message direct right off the MeiroKodo web page:


The important thing to know is that we should never be afraid to reach out for a little extra help when we're overwhelmed with something, no matter what it is that we're dealing with. <3


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