Maze Or Labyrinth?

What's the difference between a maze and a labyrinth?

Not everyone knows, but they both have similar traits.

Simply put, a labyrinth is a single-path puzzle where you start from the outside and follow the path to the inner part of the puzzle. The significance of a labyrinth is that you are walking your path towards discovery of your inner self.

A maze also has a start and a finish, but a maze will have multiple branching paths, where you must choose which one to take to find your way to the end.

A labyrinth signifies finding your way in, and a maze is a puzzle more focused on finding your way out.

Pictured here is a maze disguised as a labyrinth! From the top entry to solve this maze all you have to do is turn right once, but there is a center portion you can go to.

This maze is at the Teichland amusement park, near Jaenschwalde, Germany.

So which do you prefer? Mazes or Labyrinths?

If you like either one, you will probably like MeiroKodo. Although MeiroKodo features varied types of mazes, solving them leads you to an additional purpose, just like solving a labyrinth does. You can check out more at:



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