Square Labyrinth

Usually when we think of a labyrinth, we think of a single-path that winds around in circular form, ultimately ending in the middle of the puzzle.

Labyrinths come in many different shapes, though - they don't have to be circular in nature.

Pictured here, is a square labyrinth design taken off the LABYRINTHOS website (www.labyrinthos.net) that depicts the design on the floor of the Town Hall in Gent, Belgium. This design is in the Pacification Hall of the building, and represents the quest for justice and happiness.

Mazes are different than Labyrinths in that mazes have pathways with divisions. You have to choose which path is the right path to take in order to solve a maze. The object of a maze is to find your way out of it. The object of a labyrinth is to discover yourself from within. It is a singular winding path you follow to the center of the labyrinth, which symbolized finding your own center too.

If you like labyrinths, the LABYRINTHOS website (www.labyrinthos.net) is an amazing resource of world-wide labyrinth information. Check it out!

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