You're Grounded!

If you've ever been grounded in your life ... no music - no TV - no phone ... it initially would seem like the end of life itself. And let's not forget the internet! Seriously, who can live without THAT? We literally depend on it so much for everything, right?

With all that being said, it's easy to understand just how distracted we are by all these things in our day, every day.

No wonder doing without all these things has always been called: getting "grounded."

Sometimes we all need to just "come back to Earth" as they say.

Not many things can do that so well as shutting off the TV, putting the phone away, closing the laptop, walking away from the tablet, and just opening up a really great book. But the dilemma is WHAT book to choose? There's so many choices out there!!!

If you want a book that's LITERALLY unlike every other book out there, then look no further:

When was the last time you grounded yourself?


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