What's Your Sign?

Have you ever heard of the Zodiac 340 Letter? The Zodiac killer was never caught, and is known almost as much for his cryptic messages that he would send to the Bay Area Police in California, as well as for the horrendous and brutal murders he committed.

Most of the Zodiac Killer's messages have been deciphered, but the image here was not. It is a 340-character message published in the San Francisco Chronicle in 1969. Some have claimed to have solved it, but no general consensus has ever been given to validate that.

Do you like solving secret codes? Do you like discovering hidden messages?

Well the good news is, you don't have to follow a killer in order to do that!

MeiroKodo involves mazes, secret codes, and a whole bunch of fun! Plus what you get with MeiroKodo, you just can't get anywhere else! To learn more, check it out at:



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