Getting It Figured Out

So many things are complex in our day, and we use symbols and codes to help us figure things out as we go.

Universal symbols - like math characters and traffic symbols - are just 2 examples.

But what if people could be so easily figured out too? QR codes hold a lot of information - more than standard barcodes you usually see on products.

(Have you ever noticed they can look like mazes too? Pretty cool!)

What if we all had our own identifier - like a QR code - that stored all our information about us so that you could instantly know everything about someone?

Ummmm....No. No No No. Absolutely NO.

Seriously, WHERE is the fun in that? Getting to know someone is part of what's so great when you meet them. Although we need symbols to help us get along with some things, it's in our nature to want to discover things on our own.

And when was the last time you got to discover something that had a completely unexpected surprise at the end? MeiroKodo is something that has all that, and more!

You can check it out here:

#SecretCodes #Mazes

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