Below The Surface

Sometimes appearances can be deceiving.

If the ship in this picture represents technology, and our addiction to devices and electronics that seems to have come with that, then the getting back to basics (which is represented by this book) may be just the thing that might save us.

Everyone loves technology and their ability to personally access it at the slightest whim. No doubt this is something that has improved our lives by leaps and bounds, and continues to do so.

But sometimes, getting back to basics and just opening a real book (instead of a Kindle for instance) can actually be the best thing for us.

As we continue to become more dependent on our devices and the technological advances we are making, moderation is definitely something to keep in mind along the way. Certainly we can all agree that too much of a good thing is NOT a good thing.

When was the last time you opened a book that gave you something you never expected? Gave you something you can't get online? Gave you something you just couldn't find anywhere else?

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