The Book You Want

This mindset was the approach taken in the creation of MeiroKodo. For years, the founder of MeiroKodo - Stephanie Quanel - has been looking for something that used both mazes and secret codes together, but she could never find anything that would do this.

So she decided to develop the concept herself, which she has named MEIROKODO.

Although there are several maze books available, these are created by computer print, and are very repetitive in their appearance (which makes them boring!). MeiroKodo is completely opposite of this.

And cryptograms are available, but these are just a simple substitution-cypher type of encryption. These are so easy enough to solve that you don't even need a code key to help you. MeiroKodo is much different that just a cryptogram.

With Stephanie's concept of MeiroKodo, you get both these concepts, only BETTER, and the message that you solve for in each Volume of MeiroKodo just isn't available anywhere else. Each Message of MeiroKodo will amaze and surprise you in the best of ways.

If you like mazes or you like deciphering secret codes (of both!), MeiroKodo is for you! If you want something more and something better than what's been traditionally available with mazes and codes, then MeiroKodo is for you! If you want something great you can't get anywhere else, then MeiroKodo is for you.

So what are you waiting for?


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