Underground The Underground City

The city of Montreal in Quebec, CANADA is well- known for its underground city.

Under the streets lie an intricate network of stores, shops, entertainment venues, restaurants, and more. But the underground city isn't the only maze-like network that runs below the city streets.

Like most cities, Montreal has its series of passages that interconnect for a variety of purposes, the most commonly-known being sewage removal. (Yuck!) But there are also storm drains, metro tunnels, underground waterways like creeks that are rerouted, and potable water pipes. Some cities also have underground crypts.

Montreal has an exceptional set of underground tunnels for an extensive amount of different purposes, and this has all been photographed by ANDREW EMOND. He has developed several articles that depict the history and fascinating function of Montreal's amazing underground mazes.

Visit UNDERMONTREAL to learn more and see his work, which also includes some information on the underground for Toronto, Ontario as well. His work is incredible, and what you can learn is actually quite intriguing!



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