Scary Stuff!

So the idea of a maze is once you enter, you have to find your way to the end. Usually it's the just fun of it all that serves as enough motivation to find your way through.

In several cities, especially in Europe, there are hundreds (if not thousands!) of miles of catacomb tunnels. Deep underground, these mazes served as burial spots for loved ones who have passed away. In some, their bones and skulls can be seen used to decorate the passageways.

Some of these catacombs also serve as tourist attractions, where visitors have reported very unusual and creepy things happening. Noises, movements, sightings, being touched and pushed when no one is near you.

Pictured here is an image from some of the catacombs in Rome.

Have you ever taken one of these tours? If not, would something like this be a maze you would want to wander through?


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