Drawing The Lines Of Definition

So who knew that creating mazes actually has something of a bit of a technical upside to it?

When you're looking at mazeart, it helps to know what KIND of maze you're looking at so you can discern the approach the artist takes to the linework.

Here's come common definitions:


Maze without branches. Sometimes called a circuit maze.


Maze with branches and dead ends.

Blind Alley

Branch that is a dead end.


A section of the maze containing walls not connected to the external wall of the maze. Sometimes also referred to as a detached wall.


A type of maze composed of concentric circles.

Braid Maze

A type of maze with branches, but without dead ends. All branches loop back to other branches.

Perfect Maze

Maze with no islands or isolated sections. A perfect maze has only one solution.

Delta Maze

Maze consisting of interlocking triangles.

Plainair Maze

A maze on something other than a flat surface. For example, a maze painted on the outside of a cube or a sphere.

The above section is from one of the puzzles in Volume I. Stay tuned for the release of Volume II this year! There will be more beautiful puzzles to wind down as you wind through them, and another incredible secret message to discover.



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