The Easy Way Out

Have you ever looked at someone else and wondered why they seem to have things so much easier than you do?

At some point, we all do this.

You can see this represented really well with the painting pictured here from artist James Jean.

Someone always has things easier, has more money, has more friends, is more happy, is more healthy, blah blah blah.... the list goes on.

But it's always important to take note of this:

Have you ever noticed that it seems the best of things can bring out the worst in us, and the worst of things seem to bring out the best in us?

For example:

Too many desserts will make us fat.

Too much easy idle time can make us lazy.


In times of disaster, we pull together and help each other.

If we have had to go without something, we tend to appreciate it more when we finally get it.

....and the list goes on and on here too.

The symbolism of the maze in this picture has great depth in how it literally holds the girl back as she looks on at the boy playing. What challenges do you think the maze symbolizes for her?

The good thing is that besides just being useful in a painting, in real life the RIGHT mazes are not only challenging, but are also a lot of fun .... WWW.MEIROKODO.COM


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