The Subtlety Of Symbolism

When it comes to the art of communication, there are so many subtle nuances that "go without saying" which add a completely different meaning that what you might see being written down or hear being said.

Communication is a complicated thing.

Here in this image from the movie THE ARRIVAL, we are trying to figure out how to communicate with an alien race using their language. The symbols they use to write with are intricate and beautiful, as you can see above.

Did you know that on the Earth alone we have over 6,500 different languages, with the most popular being Mandarin Chinese?

The symbols in MeiroKodo are only used to encrypt a secret message that's been written in English, so fortunately you don't have to learn a whole other language to benefit from the Messages of MeiroKodo in each book. Plus the symbols are different with each volume.

How to decipher the secret message at the end? Solve the mazes one by one first.

Sounds like fun? Absolutely!

....but that goes without saying.... =D


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