How Big Is YOUR Hippocampus?

Most cities have a network of streets systematically designed for easier navigation. However, one exception to this rule is London.

Taxi drivers in London spend 3-4 years... that's right.... YEARS - in training. They drive around on mopeds to learn the 25,000 city streets before trying to pass a difficult exam.

According to the Scientific American, a study was conducted that ultimately determined the hippocampus of the successful candidates was shown to be larger when they finished their training in relation to when they had started.

The hippocampus is where we develop our memories, and also our skills for spatial navigation. You can read more about the article HERE.

The Mazes of MeiroKodo are also able to help exercise and develop your hippocampus. But not only that, MeiroKodo also helps with your linguistic skills too. And the best part is, it's FUN!

Plus there's an added bonus: You won't have to spend 3-4 years in training first.

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