A - MAZE - ing Research

Did you know that the first real psychological studies involving mazes began in the 1890s? Did you know that this was started because of what was found under the excavated porch of a farm in Virgina?

Mazes hold an exalted position in psychology’s history, and today we're still using them - primarily in testing spatial memory.

Are you wondering WHAT it was that they found under that porch…? And no - it wasn’t some kind of giant, monster-sized anthill.

Click HERE to find out, and to read the whole article from the American Psychological Association.

Besides the scientific and psychological benefits, mazes are just fun, too! So be sure to order your copy of MeiroKodo! Not only will you reap the benefits from the Mazes of MeiroKodo, but there is a secret message waiting for you at the end, too.

And the best part is, you won't have to excavate your porch. =D


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