MeiroKodo Is More!

Did you know that problems with Spatial Navigation could indicate Alzheimer's years before its onset?

Besides acting as an indicator and helping to deter problems like this, there are so many other benefits that come from sitting down with a really good maze.

First of all, you also exercise your logic skills and basic instinct abilities.

Second, it's FUN!!!

Third, it's relaxing! Step away from that mobile phone, step away from that computer, and escape off the grid with just you, the quiet, and ....

....a nice book of MEIROKODO!

If plotting your way through a maze has multiple benefits for you, then this is even compounded with MeiroKodo! How?

Because MeiroKodo is MORE than just a simple book of mazes. With MeiroKodo AFTER you've solved the mazes in the book, THEN you still have a secret message waiting for you to be deciphered at the end. How cool is this?

So treat yourself! What are you waiting for? Make that investment in YOU, and get your copy of MeiroKodo!

Are you ready for something new?


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