Secret Code Breakers

Meet Mair Russell Jones. She was one of a few select individuals hand-picked by a secret government agency in Great Britain during World War II.

These individuals were strictly dedicated to deciphering encrypted messages sent back and forth by the Nazi’s. The messages were being transmitted using the famous Enigma Code, which was an all-but-unbreakable system of encryption invented by the Germans.

But thanks to the accomplishments of this elite group, their efforts alone to crack the Enigma Code have been attributed to shortening WWII by as much as 4 years, and saving thousands of lives in the process.

Today we have computers that can break the Enigma Code with no effort. But back during WWII, Mair Russell Jones and her team had paper, pencils, and their minds to get the job done.

And they did.

So what about you? Do you think you can crack the secret code in MeiroKodo? Can you discover the secret message that’s waiting at the end?


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