Solve the mazes to crack the secret code...

... use the code to decipher the encrypted message.

MeiroKodo is a puzzlebook series involving artistic mazes, a secret code, and a special message to decipher.

In each volume of MeiroKodo there are 26 mazes.


Each of these mazes starts with one of the letters of the alphabet.

Each maze ends with a unique type of symbol, but in every maze there are multiple symbols. 


Only one of the symbols in whichever maze you are currently solving for is going to be the right one.

The other symbols are just decoys.


By solving each maze you will discover which symbol is the right one that represents each letter of the alphabet. 

For this maze we are solving for the letter "A"

Only one symbol will represent the letter "A"   ... but which one?






In MeiroKodo, there is ALWAYS and ONLY just one possible finishing point that relates to the starting point in each maze, and each maze is created in such a way that it is impossible to make an incorrect association.

In solving this maze for the letter "A" we can see the symbol that represents "A" is the top one:



At the end of each volume there is a secret message written in symbols. 


Once you've solved all the mazes and cracked the code, you go to the encrypted message at the end of the book.  You write down each letter in the message for the symbol that it correlates with.

By doing this, you can decipher the secret message at the end.




Each maze puzzle in MeiroKodo is hand-crafted by a master maze artist.  Because each maze in MeiroKodo is its own work of art, you enjoy an experience that is specialized and unique on every page.  


Computer generated mazes tend to be repetitive in their visual presentation, which is why MeiroKodo is a delight that will surprise and fascinate you - page after page.





MeiroKodo uses symbols to write out the coded messages in each volume.  If these messages were simply scrambled letters of our alphabet, then the messages would be nothing more than just a simple cryptogram.  


But by using symbols for the letters instead, deciphering the messages becomes more challenging in that it's not as easy to recognize the repetition and patterns of words and letters.  


This makes solving the mazes not only more fun, but also a very important step instead of just short-cutting directly to the message waiting at the end of each volume, and trying to figure it out.


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